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Our mission is to change our consumption habits by using advertising as a vector of influence towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

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Our history

ur story may seem surprising. Because at the beginning, we did not think about changing the world of advertising at all. Moreover, we did not know much about this environment. What we wanted was to help as many associations as possible. And above all allow everyone to be able to help them, even without money.

We unofficially launched GiveActions in 2017 while still being students at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. At the beginning our project was “simply” to use advertising as a way to generate money for associations. We thought it would be a great way to bring more funds to those who work every day to make our world a better place. Out of this desire, we created a beta application in 2018. An app where anyone could come and watch ads to support charitable projects.

Except we quickly realized that something was wrong. It is very nice to raise money for associations. But if it's to promote harmful businesses, is the balance really positive? After careful consideration, the answer was no. Much more than not by the way. Our project could even benefit these companies in order to do “greenwashing”.

So we chose to select companies that could advertise on our app and use the money from their ads to fund associations. Without realizing it, the objective of the project had just changed. We understood that the most important thing in order to accelerate the ecological and social transition was not only to help associations, but above all to change the way we consume and live. And for that, advertising is a very important influence vector.

After 2 years of development, 50,000 registered users and more than 60 associative projects supported by advertisements from 40 selected advertisers, we felt that we had to go further in our mission and change the world of advertising. Because you realized its strength and usefulness when you used your influence for the common good.

That's why in 2022 we decided to extend our concept beyond our app and to confront the media and the reality of the advertising market. We understood that we could change lines. Even if it is not as simple as on our application, we can succeed in promoting more positive brands while helping associations. So we expanded our concept of positive advertising on major media with very good first campaigns.

But quickly, we understood that this concept would become unworkable for SMEs and committed organizations. That is why we have used our reputation and our growing knowledge of the advertising world to obtain advantages for these companies that want to change the world.

Today, we give SMEs and committed organizations access to the advertising space of the major media. And at reduced prices. So that they can explode their visibility in the eyes of all. And so become the norm and change our consumption behaviors little by little. While always helping associations, no worries.

We still have to write the rest of the story. With work, passion, values and time. We'll keep you up to date!

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Our ethical charter

We have put in place an ethical charter which aims to help us in the choice of our partner customers. It is divided into two parts: an exclusion list and an inclusion list. First, we check that the company does not carry out activities harmful to the environment or society (typically oil extraction, use of animal fur, child labor,...). Second, we check that the organization carries out credible activities that have a positive environmental, social or cultural impact. It will be these activities that will be highlighted through advertising campaigns. They can of course be intrinsic to the general activities of the company (such as an energy company that works with 90% green energy). Discover our complete charter hither.

Our ethics committee & our blog

In order to help us with the most complex choices, we decided to set up an ethics committee. To have the most transversal vision possible. This committee includes experts from the academic, advertising, social economy, social economy, sustainable finance, etc. They have agreed to help us change the world of advertising by defining the contours of the choice of partner companies. We bring committee members together when making a difficult choice or when a specific message wants to be added to the ad (for example: adding a message explaining that the vision of the ad makes it possible to support an association). Their decisions are posted on our blog for maximum transparency. You can also share your questions with us and we will explain our choices to you.

Our team

Elias Printz
Elias Printz
Co-founder &
marketing manager
Maxime Van der Meerschen
Maxime Van der Meerschen
Co-founder &
sales manager
Gaspard Merten
Gaspard Merten
Co-founder &
IT development manager
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