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Hi, we're GiveActions and we help you with your marketing challenges

We help you with your marketing challenges, ranging from strategy to distribution, including the creation of visuals. And we also have expertise in IT issues.digital marketing agency Accompany the committed actors throughout their marketing strategy. We design and manage your digital advertising campaigns from A to Z, in order to combine results and efficiency. All while being as responsible as possible in our activities to strive for a advertising in accordance with the ecological and social transition. Last but not least, with a smile and a good mood.

Our flagship services

Advertising on major Belgian media

Thanks to our partnerships, we have access to all major Belgian digital media (RTBF Auvio, VTM GO, JCDecaux, webradios,...) at reduced prices. We use this opportunity for brands committed to explode their visibility in Belgium on quality media.

Our flagship services

Conversion campaigns via Meta & Google

We help you generate more conversions and traffic to your website through low-funnel marketing campaigns like Meta & Google. We optimize all your campaigns from the integration of events into your Google Analytics to the creation and management of your campaigns.

Engaged organizations need to become more visible, more attractive and more desirable. In order to finally become the norm.
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With us, your campaigns will be more responsible. Discover our 8 key decisions.

at all levels of marketing and communication.significant environmental impact, both in the energy demand it generates and in the topics it addresses through advertising campaigns. We do our best to ensure a more responsible approach at all levels of marketing and communication. That is why, for each campaign, we always work taking into account 8 key points in terms of advertising responsibility. at all levels of marketing and communication.

Our selection charter

We define the actors with whom we can work based on their ecological and social impact. To do this, we have created non-exhaustive lists of refused and eligible activities. If a company carries out a so-called “refused” activity, we will not work with them. Then, the campaign must have a positive impact by highlighting an “eligible” activity. For more complex cases, we can also call on our independent committee. You can find our charter hither for total transparency.

Verification of advertising messages

We will ensure that there are no messages that are contrary to the ecological transition or contain greenwashing (or any type of washing). Indeed, we have developed a wealth of expertise on the subject of greenwashing and we are making it available to our partners. If necessary, we suggest changing the message or adding details as we did with BackMarket, an eshop for refurbished electronic devices, with the phrase “Switch to refurbished but only if you need to buy” added at the end of the spot, in order to highlight a message of sobriety.

Recycling advertising content

When an advertising video has to be created, the main impact comes from transport and the capture of new rush. So we use existing content (old shoots, photos, etc.) that we rework with animations to create a brand new video. A good way to reduce the impact of content creation.

Taking environmental impact into account in our media recommendations

We take into account the ecological impact of channels in our media recommendation. For example, when possible and relevant, we encourage the use of audio rather than video.

We don't have the space to put everything... So discover the rest of our initiatives and the explanation of the negative impact of advertising on our dedicated page.

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