Blue Speaker: More Listening for More Responsible Brands on Belgian Webradios!

In partnership with the RMB (advertising agency including RTBF) we are launching the Blue Speaker initiative, A Special Offer for Actors Involved in Belgium. The objective of this offer is to give greater visibility to committed brands, by offering them reduced prices.

More specifically, this offer combines the production of an audio spot and its distribution (minimum 175,000 listens) on the RMB digital network at a lower budget (minimum €3,000 all inclusive). So here we are talking about the digital network, that is to say the webradios and podcasts managed by RMB (La Première, Vivacité, France info,...).

The Blue Speaker initiative is planned for advertisers who fall within our selection charter (Go to the Dedicated Page) and who have not yet carried out campaigns with RMB.

We congratulate the RMB for agreeing to take an additional step towards greater visibility of the actors involved in Belgium.

It is necessary for them to take up more space in the Belgian media and advertising environment, in order to make our consumption patterns converge towards consumption that is more respectful of our planet and its inhabitants.

Beyond the offer itself, it is a strong message sent to the advertising sector. Special conditions only for brands with impact, because it is necessary for them to take up more space in our society, if we want to start this ecological transition.

Advertising has its role to play. She has to show it.

If you want more information about this offer, contact us Hather!

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