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"Imagine ads that take social and environmental challenges into account. Ads that spotlight responsible products, help charity projects and support a sustainable consumption way of living."

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Positive ads

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Example of an advertising campaign from Fairphone on RTBF Auvio


Ads that show you bicycles instead of 4x4 cars🚲

This is not a secret. We all know there is a problem with the way we're consuming. Our consumption highly contributes to climate change and other social and environnemental issues. Advertisements strongly participate to the problem by mostly promoting polluting products.

This is why we aim to change advertising principles by integrating new kind of ads, i.e positive ads. Which only spotlight products or services having a positive impact on the planet or/and the society. To support your efforts, help you to reduce your carbon footprint and tackle climate change.

A commitee has been created in order to make a selection of companies. They do an analysis based on our ethical charter. Here is how it works


First, we analyze the company itself

Despite some of their products have a positive impact on the society, we chose to exclude high-polluting companies. Our charter incorporates concerned sectors and is in constant evolution.


Then, we look at the advertising campaign

The objective of positive advertising is to promote ethical products or services. We have to ensure it. This is why the committee verifies the vertuous aspects of the campaign itself.


Finally, we examine the communication

To avoid greenwashing in advertising campaigns, we make an analysis of the communication. If it is necessary, we propose some alternatives to the current one.

Commitee conclusions are always posted on our blog, in research of full transparency.

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Watching an ad to plant a tree🌳
Do you really believe it?

This sentence looks like greenwashing isn’t it? But hopefully, it’s not the case at all. On top of spotlighting ethical products and services, positive ads also enable to collect money for NGO's. Indeed, 10% of the budget invested in positive ads are then sent to an association.

Do you need some examples? 👇

Natagora | Association partenaire de GiveActions | Création de réserves naturelles en Belgique

Creation of natural reserves in Belgium

10.000 meters have already been created in Wallonia with Natagora thanks to the money collected through positive advertising.

Soaps recycled and offered to low-income people

1100 soaps have been recycled and given to people in need thanks to the work of UNISOAP

UNISOAP | Recyclage et dons de savons usagés | Recyclés | Aide associative
Schola ULB | Soutien scolaire pour les jeunes démunis | Aide associative | Association partenaire de GiveActions

Tutoring to help students with learning and financial difficulties

150 hours of tutoring have been given to students with the help of Schola ULB

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Companies, medias, advertising controls wanting to change for a better world! 🌍

These positive ads are only available thanks to the actions and the motivation of many people and organisations. By working with them, we try to model the new advertising world and change the rules. They are clearly cool people!

They have integrated positive advertising

They use positive advertising

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Now you know more about positive advertising and our ambitions to change the rules.

If you want to follow us and learn more about positive advertising and the changes in the advertising world, here is our blog(in French though)! Or if you need more, don't hesitate to contact us!